Welcome 2018!!

Hola, 2018

Day 5 in 2018. I already back to my routine (read:back to work) and doing a lot of thing that i have to do fast. Great holiday though i’m sick in the last day. But it’s okay, i have my good quality of sleeping.

In this New year, i think everybody have what they calling, A RESOLUTION! Some or many point that pop out to everybody mind to have a better years. Doing something different, changing something that we think in the past is bad, etc. How about you? Do you have any?


But, i will not tell you in here, hopefully i can share it (mean: in a long.. long.. time until i dont know when! But don’t worry i will make my list!).


I’m not the person who has  an ambitious something, i’m a person who enjoy my life with my own way, i have my own resolution way. So many thing i want to change step by step. Do step by steps. And thing step by step.


In this part, i want to remind all of you about what i passionate about. My fashion clothing line (Trathara), My hobby about books, and that i’m a book designer (FYI: me, and my friends will have another baby project that include our passion about books, just wait for it and i will announce that, hopefully SOON!!), about my Craft and so many more.



It is a new start again for us, so i think that Trathara should have a changing move, a refreshment. From the idea, the design, and all of it. Just to make sure that we are can compete and more explore to always satisfying my customer. For all of who read this don’t forget to follow us in instagram and facebook.

FYI, i also took a class to sewing to make sure that i can do more.



For this part, just want to remind you that i am is a book designer. I love to make a book. Wait for me and my best friend web. Our web is all about book, just wait for it. (HUUUUU, i’m so excited for it!)



Hiiii, this my craft things. It’s a long time that i never do craft thing again. But this year i want to started again. Started in februari for Valentine 2018, wait for me to upload my craft things and maybe you can order it!


And that’s it that i want to share with all of you guys for now. Just wish that i can keep in touch with all you with my article.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/albert_einstein_737829

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